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Designs : Jessica Cao

Model : Salma Khan

HMUA/Photography :

Jamila Quadir & Jessica Cao

Editing/Re-touching : Jessica Cao

In this multicultural generation, there are people 'third culture kids'or are part of an ethnic diaspora.

This is an exploration of the question that is so often asked to people who do not seem to fit in their assumed ethnical culture or for people who are "simply interested" - essentially for categorisation.

It investigates various related concepts such as gender, censorship, ideologies, restriction and the emotional aspect that surrounds this topic.

To question the way we see cultures, not lingering to the knowledge of the past, but what we should know now.

Not relying on the censorship of the media, but what we should respectfully learn about.

This is also to gain an understanding and come to acceptance of my Chinese and British identity.