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In a space in between

                     not knowing where you belong

not being able to belong

to desire a belonging and a home

to want to understand the cultural


        between the groups we reside in


                        attempting change to fit 

constantly trying to find what is similar

      between us


not looking as I 'should'

not behaving as I 'should'

        Conforming to the ideals and what is expected

     of who I apparently should be

        Is this my identity?

limitations, expectations,

restrictions of a woman


           maybe it would have

been better born male

constantly trying to figure out

why I feel this way and who I am

constantly attempting to adapt

    to what feels almost alien

that is where I am

Designs : Jessica Cao

Model : Tina Huang

Photographer : Melanie Lehmann 

HMUA : Ella Rebecca Carter-Allen


Assistant : Heejin Chun