:Rooted In-between 

Perceiving from the outside, exploring the inside. A closing video for the project 'Where are you from', revolving around the identity of being a Third culture kid, particularly from an ethnically Chinese background. 

Exploring the confusion, the intimacy and the conversation in this rooted space.

Playing with the relationship between the garments and subject, and the relationship between the viewer and the film.

**Watch on a vertical screen for a better viewing experience.

Film direction and editing : Jessica Cao

Co-directing and assisting: Aziza and Jamila Quadir



Direction & Retouch: Jessica Cao

Model: Tina Huang

Editing: Joan Goyeche

Assistant: Sebastian Sochan

An introduction video for the space 'Where are you from'. A conversation with the self that will be interpreted differently for the people who know either one of the languages English/Chinese to the people who know both. Emotions and relations are different depending on how much you can understand.

Frequent questioning, assumptions and associations that are intended to categorise you. Shot with some level of intimacy as an outsider.

As a viewer, do you understand the English, the Chinese, both or none? What do you perceive from that understanding?